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Radhasoami Beas, Sant Mat, Jaimal and Sawan

Jaimal and Sawan Singh, The Great Secrets of Radhasoami Beas. The early history of a religion with 4,000,000 total members from all groups. The West has never seen the turbulent early years before. Around 1915 Sawan Singh broke away as an initiator for Agra Gurus and declared himself a Master. This article shows the Beas lineage may be a mythical concoction which eliminated 4 Sat Gurus out of necessity. See why Jaimal was officially chastised for posing as a guru and being excommunicated just 3 days before he died. Why was Jaimal thrown out of the satsangs of Salig Ram and Misra ? Who actually wrote the letters attributed to Jaimal in Beas books ? Who killed Path of the Masters author Julian Johnson at the Dera ? Why did Jagat's wife attempt suicide off a tower at Beas and his son actually succeed ? Read the first hand account of a rep whom smuggled goods into India for Charan at the risk of going to jail. Did you know Swami Ji was not the founder of Radhasoami Faith ? According to Faqir Chand, whom Sawan endorsed as an RS master and gave permission to change the teachings, modern day Radhasoami gurus have no power, do not project their radiant forms, do not come for the disciple at death, do not take the discipleís karma and do not even know what happens after death. Did you know RS initiation is almost identical to Yoganandaís group and it is kundalini yoga ? A look at the Kirpal succession. Did Kirpal lie about being Sawan's successor ? Did you know Darshan stood before a crowd and proclaimed he was not the successor to Kirpal ? Read Sawan's registered wills and find out what ordinary seva job he allocated to Kirpal at the Dera after his death. Did you know many RS gurus may be millionaires claiming to live off their own earnings and will not provide financial statements to the public for their non profit organizations nor disclose the salaries they receive ?
Pre Swami Ji lineage :
Tulsi Sahib d.1843
Girdhari Das d. 1861
Beas lineage :
1856-1861 appx. Girdhari Das (possible)**
1861-1878 Swami Ji,
1878-1884 Salig Ram
1884-1903 Jaimal Singh
1903-1907 Sankar Misra
1907-1913 'Buaji' Maheswari Devi
1909-1915 'Babuji' Madhav Sinha(overlap)
1915-1948 Sawan Singh
1948-1951 Jagat Singh
1951-1990 Charan Singh
1990-current Gurinder Singh
End Beas Gurus
Note** Jaimal may have been initiated by Girdhari Das
(a Tulsi Sahib disciple), not Swami Ji.
Agra lineage :
1861-1878 'Swami Ji' Shiv Dayal Singh
1878-1898 'Hazur' Rai Saligram
1898-1907 Brahm Sankar Misra
1907-1913 'Bauji' Mahewari Devi
1909-1949 'Babuji' Madhav Sinha *
*(overlap woman guru)
End Agra Gurus



Jaimal Singh

In October 1877, nine months before Swami Ji died, Jaimal Singh claims Swami Ji asked him privately to go to the Punjab and preach sant mat. Jaimal was an army soldier on yearly leave at the time. There is no evidence at all Swami Ji told Jaimal this, or ever gave Jaimal permission to initiate. There is no evidence Swami Ji knew whom Jaimal was, ever knew his name, or ever met Jaimal face to face. Jaimal claimed Radhaji (Swami Ji's wife) gave him a turban and prayer mat in 1890, there is no evidence this is true. There is no evidence Swami Ji ever gave Jaimal written or verbal permission in secret to act as Guru . No one in Swami Ji's family ever confirmed Swami Ji told Jaimal in private to preach sant mat. There are no records or confirmation from anywhere, or any contemporary personages of Jaimal's time that this ever happened, or that anyone ever saw Jaimal in the satsang of Swami Ji even once. We do not even know if Jaimal was initiated in the lifetime of Swami Ji. There are no photographs of Swami Ji with Jaimal and only 3 photographs of Jaimal are known to exist. Beas does not display Jaimal's photos, possibly for reasons contained here in Secret History.


Most astonishing is the fact that Swami Ji never wrote a single letter to Jaimal, that Jaimal ever mentioned. Considering Swami Ji's satsang was loaded with high ranking postal workers (including Swami Ji's two brothers Chachaji and Brindraban, Sudarshan (Chachaji's son) and Salig Ram, etc.), it's quite remarkable Jaimal never recieved a letter from Swami Ji. This group was famous for writing letters. Why didn't Jaimal write Swami Ji letters in the army, if he considered him his master? During the 21 years Jaimal was in the infantry while Swami Ji was alive, he could have visited satsang in Agra only a few times on yearly leave. Kirpal's claim that Jaimal only made it to satsang 3 times in his life seems to make sense. Basically, the reason we assume Jaimal visited at least once the satsang of Swami Ji, was that in Chachaji's biography of Swami Ji, he mentions Jaimal's 24th Sikh unit passing by, but did not give the date. But, it could not have been 1856.


Jaimal waits until July 1884, while he is still a soldier, to initiate his first person according to Beas and retired in 1889. In 1891 he started Beas group. It took Jaimal 7 years to initiate his first person according to Beas and 14 years until he established Beas , both from the Oct. 1877 date Swami Ji supposedly asked him secretly to do. Jaimal claimed Swami Ji asked him to do this nine months before his death, which was the last time Jaimal claimed he saw Swami Ji on yearly leave. Another problem is that Jaimal saw many masters and it is unknown if he considered Swami Ji his master, while Swami Ji was alive.


Some Beas books say Jaimal initiated a maximum of 2000 people, others 2343 people. Jaimal died December 29, 1903. He initiated Sawan Singh October 15, 1894 in the Murree Hills, in what is now Pakistan. Radhaji ( Swami Ji's wife) died two weeks later, Nov.1, 1894. Radhaji was a beautiful person and was known for giving money to the poor as she walked down the street from a change purse she always carried. Radhaji married Swami Ji at the age of 15.


This History is written assuming the reader is already aware of the RS Beas version of history. Photo of Salig Ram top of page.


***Note: Beas claims Jaimal was initiated by Swami Ji when he was 17 years old in 1856, the same year he joined the army, which he remained in till long after Swami Ji's death. Kirpal says Jaimal went to Ghuman, Punjab to visit his mother on yearly leaves. Kirpal actually notes only about 3 visits to Agra by Jaimal, roughly 1856, 1875, Oct. 1877 to see his guru. Called the 'Sepoy Uprising' of 1856, or the 'Great Rebellion' by Kirpal, it is unclear if Jaimal joined the British forces, or the Rebellion itself on the Indian side. Kirpal says Jaimal joined an advance guard of sepoys in 1856 and the regiment was disbanded in 1857, after which Jaimal joined a new unit, the 24th Sikh, which he remained in till he retired. The coincides perfectly with the beginning and ending of the Sepoy Uprising. In 1856, the British East India company was defeated after 258 years. In 1857 the British retook India, this time under direct British rule. The Sepoy Uprising ended with the mass murder of 800 British women and children.


Kirpal Singh says Swami Ji "had not begun giving public discourses in the mid 1850's and confined His meetings to small private audiences at his home", (Jaimal Singh,A Great Saint,1973,p.41, Kirpal Singh). On Page 14 of the same book by Kirpal, "This system of addressing private gatherings at his (Swami Ji's) home continued for quite a long time, (Swami Ji) on Basant Panchimi Day in the year 1861....threw open the (satsang) to the general public." This 1861 date is the universally accepted date by RS Groups.


It is possible that if Jaimal was actually initiated in 1856, it may have been Girdhari Das whom gave it( Chachaji called Girdhari Das chief disciple of Tulsi Sahib in his books) , while he lived in one of Swami Ji's houses in Agra. Swami Ji treated Girdhari as a Guru during this time, before he went public after Girdhari's death in 1861.


Kirpal also mentions in 1890 Gharib Das went with him to Jaimal's home. Kirpal says they went to Jaimal's Punjab home, not Jaimal's home across from Salig Ram's satsang in Peepal Mandi. Gharib Das was a blind helpless sadhu often mentioned in Beas books. Gharib Das was born in 1841 and died in 1917. Kirpal said Gharib Das ran to Swami Ji in 1843, telling him he was the chosen successor to Tulsi Sahib. If the 1841 birth date of Gharib Das is correct, he could have only been 2 years old at the time. But, Beas books say Swami Ji was actually there when Tulsi Sahib died and received a last 'glance'. Swami Ji was born in 1818 and that would have made him 25 years old when Tulsi Sahib died. More on this later.


S.D. Maheswari noted he knew letters existed where contemporary people of Swami Ji's time said in them that Swami Ji was treating Girdhari Das as HIS GURU.

........ 2 .........

Swami Ji left a verbal will in front of the sangat naming his successors, which show as 19 paragraphs in Sar Bachan as "Last Commandmants". No Radhaswami group disputes the originality, or authenticity of the will. It does not mention Jaimal anywhere. The will is printed in Beas Sar Bachan version,(Sar Bachan, Beas, 1971, pages 20-23), Swami Ji says "My Mat were of Sat Nam and Anami, and Radha Swami Mat has been started by Saligram. Let this also go on." Also if any one has questions "ask Salig Ram". Rai Salig Ram had been one of Swami Ji's earliest initiates in 1858 and spent the next 20 years in one of the most remarkable records of discipleship and devotion for a master ever recorded. He saw Swami Ji almost every day during those years. Salig Ram wrote Sar Bachan and the massive Radhasoami Religion books.


Salig Ram and Radhaji (Swami Ji's wife) were the successors named in Swami Ji's last statement. Chachaji, Sudarshan, his son, Radhaji and Salig Ram were among the many in attendance that day. Radhaji had no successors. Sanmukh Das is also shown for sadhus as inferred initiator, or care taker of sadhus. He is a rather backwards looking fellow compared to Chachaji and Salig Ram, whom look like kings. Sanmukh Das recorded an illegal deed on the property owned by Chachaji ( Swami Ji's brother, Pratap Singh )at Soami Bagh, after Swami Ji's death. Radhaji asked Salig Ram to help. Salig Ram gets the illegal deed rescinded and property returned to Swami Ji's family by trading Lado Bagh land, which he bought for purpose, with Sanmukh Das. All this according to S.D.Maheswari,Correspondence with Certain Americans,1960,p.194., Biog. Babuji, Agra, 1971,p.212. Sanmukh Das died in 1884 . The land later returned to Salig Ram from Samukh Das' lady heir. It was mostly because of this Salig Ram started the initial concept of a management (Council) for future Sat Gurus not to lose control of Satsang properties between successors, which was later carried out by Chachaji in 1902, Biography of Babuji, Agra, 1971, p.468. Page 194 Corr., also "The Council framed the rules for the conduct of sadhus and satsangis like Baba Jaimal Singh, who roamed about preaching the faith and initiating people without authority."(H&T,p.59-61).


In a letter dated May 3, 1889 from Salig Ram to Sankar Misa (Salig Ram's successor and 3rd sat guru), he stated he told Babuji Madhav Sinha (who became 5th sat guru), "that something should be done, otherwise there will be no end of gurus styling themselves Radhasoami and the result will be quarrels and disentions and disunion all around, which will eventually ruin the cause of this lovely and sublime (Radhasoami) Faith." Holy Epistles, Agra, 1961, pt2, p73.


Jaimal had a house built near Hazur Salig Ram's satsang in Peepal Mandi according to Professor Dr. Agam P. Mathur, see footnote 14, page 37 of Radhasoami Reality, Mark Juergensmeyer. Also, In Dr. Agam P. Mathur's Radhasoami Faith, page 128, Mathur states " After Soamji Maharaj's departure, he (Jaimal) owed allegiance to the second guru Hazur Maharaj ( Salig Ram)". In Correspondence with Certain Americans, Soami Bagh, Agra, 1960, page 189, S. D. Maheswari states Jaimal was removed from the satsang of Salig Ram for "keeping two or three young girls with him." Salig Ram died on December 6, 1898 after a short illness with dysentery and coughing blood.


Note: In the following pages the book Spiritual Letters is mentioned, by Beas. Since Secret History was originally written, Beas is now claiming many of these letters are not original, that some unknown person whom originally read the letters re wrote them. This has not been verified directly from Beas, but it was always obvious from the historical mistakes this ghost writer inserted.


Note* Swami Ji also mentioned a few other people in his verbal will, whom became obscure or meaningless in the history of RS Faith. They were mentioned as people of high inner status, not successors. Only Radhaji and Salig Ram were left successors. Swami Ji left Pratap Singh (his brother Chachaji) all satsang properties in his will, which was quite expected. These Soami Bagh properties remain in the Agra lineage to this day.


It should be mentioned Dr. David Lane is quoted often in the Secret History. He started his career as a propogandist for Charan, a secretary for Gurinder and a Beas editor. Juergensmeyer, the professor whom helped him get his PH. D., had most the references provided by Dr. Lane for his book Radhasoami Reality. David Lane claimed he played a 'tremendous role' in Juergensmeyer's book and that Juergenmeyer 'didn't have a clue' on his club. Although David Lane considers Beas fake now, his history is still about. And, Juergensmeyer's book is still on the market. Lane spent years gathering material for Juergensmeyer's book 'Radhasoami Reality' when he was a vested interest of Gurinder and Beas. He claims to have gathered this material using a grant from a college. This Secret History you are about to read, is basically what Lane and Juergensmeyer 'forgot' to tell you. Radhasoami Reality on Beas is a rehash of Beas positions. No laws exist to contain professors whom are at liberty to omit the most important historical information of all time on RS. Arrogance is often the precursor to omission.


-- Dr. David Lane on Kirpal's First Hand Experience--

For a large number of seekers, Kirpal Singh's promising offer was tantalizing proof of his competency. However, for a small number of followers, it prompted some confusion, since Kirpal's master Sawan Singh did not make the same claims during his tenure. As one Ruhani Satsang initiate explained to Kirpal Singh: "I know two initiates who in the beginning read Spiritual Gems and they found contradictions in it with Your teachings--very minor ones, but it created a lot of problems in their mind." [*NOTE: Heart to Heart Talks, Volume II , op. cit., page 157. *] Later on in the conversation the (presumably) same disciple expressed his surprise when learning that Sawan Singh's followers rarely received inner experiences at the time of initiation: "I was reading With the [sic] Great Master in India by Julian Johnson. And I was amazed in one section it says that the Master [Sawan Singh] gave initiation to over seven hundred people and out of that only two saw Light--only two saw Light!" [*NOTE: Ibid. *]

The disciple's amazement was well founded, since Kirpal Singh had basically forged new ground, breaking precedent even with his own guru. Sawan Singh, for instance, actually argued against the need for giving firsthand experiences at the time of initiation. Argues Sawan Singh: The view that one must see something at the time of Initiation or he would never be able to see anything later is wrong [my emphasis]. Experience also does not support it. Everyone is running his own course of life, which is different from all others. No two persons are alike in habit, form and thought. All are at different stages of development. At Initiation, they cannot be expected to behave alike. Only few [my emphasis] see anything then. The majority [my emphasis] take time, some weeks, some months and some years. All are not equally keen. [*NOTE: Sawan Singh, Spiritual Gems (Beas: Radha Soami Satsang Beas, 1974), page 87. *]

Malik Radha Krishna Khanna, an initiate of Sawan Singh and a close associate of Kirpal Singh, attests to the differences between both gurus' approaches to initiation: I sat in at many initiations, and sometimes he [Sawan Singh] would ask me to drill the new initiates while they were learning the five charged Names. He would go away and leave me there. At the end, he never [my emphasis] asked who had seen this or heard that. That is something Maharaj Kirpal Singh Ji had started [my emphasis]. [*NOTE: "Reminiscences: At the Feet of the Great Hazur," Sat Sandesh (April 1978), page 30. *]


Kirpal tells how Sawan passed power to him


Kirpal Singh then describes the event that he would later declare was integral to the succession process: the transmission of "the life impulse" from the eyes of the Living Guru to his successor. In his 1949 account Kirpal Singh writes: "Hazur steadily kept gazing for three or four minutes into my eyes, and my eyes, in silent wonderment, experienced an indescribable delight which infused intoxication down to the remotest core of my entire body - such as was never before experienced in my whole life." [Brief Life Sketch of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh. Ibid.]

In 1955 he wrote, "The authority of giving initiation into the beyond and contacting with the Word, which he vouchsafed to me verbally on October 12, 1947, was thus completely transferred while going. The intoxication of that glance is still the life of my soul." [Message on the death anniversary of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. April 2, 1955] (Probably c. Ruhani)


------ Darshan lies about women gurus, benefiting himself-----

From The Radhasoami Tradition by David Lane, Chapter 4


In two letters written in September of 1974, just a month after his father's demise, Darshan Singh explained the circumstances behind his appointment. The first letter, dated September 26, 1974, was sent to Tricholan Singh Khanna, Kirpal Singh's first and foremost representative in the United States.

My nomination as My Beloved Father's Spiritual Successor derives circumstantial support from the fact that a woman could not be so nominated according to Sant Mat tradition. Such a thing never happened throughout the ages. My Beloved Father had taken care that I imbibe the qualities which would be helpful in carrying on the Satsang work. I have, under the circumstances, no hesitation in declaring myself as the Spiritual Successor of His Holiness Maharaj Kirpal Singh Ji in conformity with His wishes and shall carry on the Satsang work to the best of my ability. . . I am sorry to find that Mr. Sirrine concluded from his talk with Tai Ji (Bibi Hardevi) and her supporters that the Master had not nominated anyone as His Spiritual Successor. [*NOTE: There is an interesting sidelight here to Darshan Singh's letter. He claims that "a woman could not be so nominated according to Sant Mat tradition." The problem with this statement, though, is that it directly contradicts the historical evidence that Shiv Dayal Singh's wife, Radhaji, was appointed to serve as a guru, and did, in fact, conduct initiations. Furthermore, in the lineage of Soami Bagh gurus, Maheshwari Devi (Buaji Saheb), a female, was the fourth recognized master at Agra. It is also known that the late Baba Faqir Chand nominated several women to serve as initiating gurus. T.S. Khanna also makes the same theological and historical claims concerning women when he wrote, "In the whole history of Sant Mat (Path of the Masters) in India, no woman has ever attained the position of a spiritual leader or guide. This did not happen in the case of the ten Sikh Gurus, nor at Dyal Bagh [sic] or Swamibagh Agra [sic], not at Dera Baba Jaimal Singh at Beas." See Truth Uncovered: Re--Successor To Great Master Kirpal Singh Ji (privately circulated booklet, November 1974). Although Khanna is historically wrong in his allegations (as we already mentioned, Soami Bagh's fourth guru was a woman), it appears that his view on women is based upon Kirpal Singh's testimony. For instance, in Spiritual Elixir, Volume II (Delhi: Ruhani Satsang, 1972), when Kirpal Singh was asked, "Why do the Great Masters on earth always take the form of man?" He responded: " The Masters claim that there is only one Male gender amongst the souls,and He generally manifests on the chosen human Pole of the Living Master. It is a Divine Law which cannot be questioned by mortals. " [Page 33.] Kirpal Singh, Darshan Singh, and T.S. Khanna's claim raises several interesting historical, sociological, and theological issues which are beyond the scope of our study. *]

Although Darshan Singh does not mention her by name, it is obvious from the previous excerpt that he is denouncing Madam Hardevi's claim for the gaddi at Sawan Ashram, since, as he claims, "a woman could not be so nominated according to Sant Mat tradition." Darshan Singh is also disappointed that Reno Sirrine has sided with her and concluded that Kirpal Singh did not leave a spiritual successor.




Charan Singh says about Kirpal Singh:

I do not like to say anything about the activities of Sardar Kirpal Singh's group, called Ruhani Satsang. . . . Since you have inquired, you are entitled to an answer, so I will simply add that the Great Master [Sawan Singh] never did appoint him as His Successor. He appointed Sardar Bahadur Maharaj Jagat Singh Ji, in a witnessed and recorded Will, to carry on all His Spiritual Work. If anybody else is bold enough to assert himself as the Great Master's Successor, then I can simply leave it to the sagacity of the seekers to judge his claim. The Great Master's Representatives in the foreign countries also have photostatic copies of the documents proving Successorship, and the one nearest you will be glad to show them to you on request.

As regards S. Kirpal Singh, let him say or do anything he likes. Sooner or later he will have to render account for his actions. You have been given the key at the time of Initiation and can satisfy yourself as to whether or not he is a true Master. It would not be in good taste for me to go into detail, but I will say this much, that the Great Master, Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji, never gave him permission to initiate anyone, and duly appointed Sardar Bahadur Maharaj Jagat Singh Ji as His Successor by a legally executed Will, in writing and duly witnessed, so as to leave no doubt about this matter. If you care to have more information, you may contact your Representative, who has a photostatic copy of the documents concerned and can explain the whole situation to you. If you like, you may also contact Dr. Pierre Schmidt in Geneva, Switzerland, as he was one of the witnesses to the Will along with me and others, and was daily with the Great Master during the last four months of His life on this earth.


What Kirpal said about Charan

To better clarify his nomination as Satguru, Kirpal Singh published a booklet on his guru's life and teachings in English in 1949 which explained in detail how he was appointed. But in so doing, Kirpal Singh was calling into serious question the succession at Dera. For instance, in A Brief Life-Sketch of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj , Kirpal Singh clearly implies in four different places [*NOTE: See pages 11, 12, 15, and 18. *] that he alone was appointed to carry on his master's mission. On page 15 of the booklet, Kirpal Singh quotes his master as saying, "The mission of spirituality can only be carried on successfully by one [my italics] adept in spirituality." Moreover, Kirpal Singh implies that some of Sawan Singh's relatives and close disciples were spiritually blind. Indeed, Kirpal Singh cites at least five different episodes where Sawan Singh's family and/or close associates misunderstood their guru's wishes. Kirpal Singh argues throughout the text that he alone was capable of understanding the sublime and mystical ways of his master. Below are a few examples of Kirpal Singh's slightly veiled criticisms of Sawan Singh's inner circle: [Page 12] In those very days, one night Hazur mentioning His inner esoteric experiences remarked: "The sun has risen high. Can the people of Jullundur also see this sun?" The relatives and friends sitting nearby were ignorant of this secret expression . [My italics.]

The opinion of [the] doctor in charge was also, like others beside Him, that Hazur's brain does not work properly on account of His illness. A little later at night when I went to Him, Hazur repeated the same question addressing me: "Kirpal Singh! The sun has risen high. Can the people of Jullundur see this sun?" I replied, "Yes Hazur, the sun has risen high--and not only the people of Jullundur but also those living in England or America who will traverse to inner planes can see this sun." Thereupon Hazur said: "Thou hast correctly answered my question." [*NOTE: Page 12. Dr. Pierre Schimdt, who attended Sawan Singh during his last four months, has a different interpretation than Kirpal Singh of this same event. In April of 1948, Schimdt wrote: "I feel I must relate two instances that revealed Him [Sawan Singh] as a Master even during this period of grave distress: 1. Some weeks before His death the Master asked to be brought some water from Jullundur, about 40 kilometers from the Dera, and when it was brought He asked why they had gone to collect it. Another evening He said to us, "Look at the light which shines in Jullundur" although there was only a slight glow over the city. I thought these were indications of delirium such as is met with in uraemia. Another day He said "Look at this house in which I now live, it is disintegrating and falling in ruins. We must leave the Dera and go to Jullundur. Quickly, buy a new house"! This seemed to be symptomatic of a state of weakness and mental obnubilation which comes paroxsmically in such conditions. But later we realized what He meant, for it was His Way of indicating His successor, who came from Jullundur: It was to tell us that henceforth the light would come from there and that He had finished His task, for Sardar Bahadur Jagat Singh was born at Jullundur. [My italics.] See Radha Soami Satsang Bulletin Number X for further information. *] [Pages 12-13]

Similarly Hazur made a mention of several hidden secrets but those around Him were hardly able to grasp what Hazur was hinting at--this being a subject familiar to those only who are practical in-lookers and spiritually skilled. What, therefore, could other poor fellows know about them. [Page 15] (Spirituality) cannot be entrusted to a blind person. Whoever has a desire to find me out can reach me within through one who is linked with me. You will not find me in the company of those who are after the possessions of the world. Be not deceived by such people. . . . I do not dwell in the midst of mayaic insects. Go to some selfless being who is after me and lives for me and is not after possession of Deras. . . . [Page 18] Throughout the period of His illness Hazur said many times: "If a person proficient in Bhajan and Simran sits by me, I feel comforted and relieved. Therefore those who come to me or sit near me should do Simran." Accordingly, at the time of appearance of this symptom of "fluttering of the body" Hazur again spoke several times in these words: "If the person who has to do the work of spirituality after I depart, comes and sits by me, my trouble will be gone." To comply with this--evidently the last wish of the Master--the near relatives of Hazur came and sat in Bhajan and Simran one by one, by the side of bed of Hazur, but there was no relief whatever in the fluttering symptom of Hazur's body. On the morning of 1st April, 1948, it was extremely benevolent of Hazur to afford a chance to this humble servant--of course through the assistance of a lady in nursing service of Hazur--to be by the side of the Master, in seclusion, for about ten or fifteen minutes. . . . After the prayer [Kirpal Singh prayed for his guru's health] when I opened my eyes, Hazur's body was in a state of perfect repose.

On several occasions, Kirpal Singh implied that the successors at the Dera--Jagat Singh and Charan Singh--only had the "seat," not the power. An incident retold in the book, Heart to Heart Talks, Volume II , reveals Kirpal Singh's position with regard to the Dera and its successors: It so happened here in India that a man was suffering greatly on account of cancer. He could not sleep, even for a moment. He was fortunately, or unfortunately, related to me, Gurdial Singh. So Baba Charan Singh went over there. The sick man asked, "Will you kindly help me?" Charan Singh answered, "Well, I can't do anything." As Gurdial Singh was related to me--my brother's daughter was married to his son--she dragged me there. They wanted me to put my hand on him. He said, "Will you help me?" I told him, "Baba Charan Singh has been with you. Why did you not request him?" I did request him but he said, "I can't do anything." So I was forced to put my hand on him, you see, and all trouble was relieved. [*NOTE: Heart to Heart Talks, Volume II (Delhi: Ruhani Satsang, 1976), page 80. *]

Further on in the same book, Kirpal Singh explains the difference between his mission and the Beas successors after Sawan Singh: The other day I gave initiation to six hundred and fifty three people. All saw Light--about two hundred saw the Master's Form. The teachings at Beas are the same, but the words given at initiation are not charged [his emphasis]. That is the difference [my emphasis]. [*NOTE: Ibid., pages 157-158. *]

The previous excerpt is very telling since Kirpal Singh says that the difference between him and Charan Singh is that he has the spiritual charging and the Beas leader does not. In other words, Kirpal Singh is claiming that he alone is genuine, and that he is genuine by virtue of inner, spiritual power.



Paul Twitchell ECKANKAR (Kirpal initiate) and comments by Kirpal

In the following excerpt from Hearts-to-Heart Talk number 5 given on Sept. 11, 1970, c. Ruhani, Kirpal Singh agrees with Paul Twitchell's claim that Kirpal dictated The Tiger's Fang to him "inside" when Kirpal was in India and Twitchell in Washington, DC:

Question: Too much fakery and too much commercialism?

Master: Yes, yes. Too much propaganda. I tell you one American was initiated by me - Iíve got the initiation report in his own handwriting. Then he wrote to me, "The Masterís Form appears to me inside." That Form used to speak to him, dictate to him, inside. And all that dictation was put into a book and the manuscript was sent to me in 1963. Then later on he started a new movement.

Question: Yes, Iíve heard about him.

Master: Later he sent me another letter, "Return my book, The Tigerís Fang." That is what such-like people will do. They had some little thing, and got stuck fast there. Now heís carrying on propaganda. He says he was never initiated by me. He was initiated in 1955. Some people get stuck fast on the way. This little ego is very difficult to get rid of unless thereís some kind of protection. This is a living example. He has written other books. I need not mention his name.

Question: I donít think he mentions Your name either.

Master: I donít think he would. Why say things about anyone? If any man does well, all right. I returned his book. That was dictated by me on inner planes, and thatís all right. He changed that book before printing; where he mentioned my name, he changed it to another guruís name. So that is the fate of these people. People are fed up with these Masters, gurus, and sadhus. Why? Only for this reason.


Swami Ji's Turban Gift to Jaimal ????

Conflicting statements of Kirpal and Beas.

Kirpal Version of Turban

Kirpal has Radhaji, wife of Swami Ji, giving Swami Ji's turban to Jaimal, long after Swami Ji died. Jaimal, A Great Saint, page 59, Kirpal Singh, 1973 edition.


Beas Version of Turban

From "Last Commandments Of Swami Ji Maharaj" (1818-1878), an excerpt from "Spiritual Letters," published by Radha Soami Satsang Beas, paragraph 19, Swami Ji Maharaj is telling Baba Jaimal Singh Ji:

"This is our last meeting. Now I shall go away to Param Dham (Eternal Home), after completing my life's pilgrimage. I have made you my beloved and my own RUP (self or form). " Bhai Chanda Singh then requested that Satsang be started in the Punjab. Swami Ji Maharaj replied: "This request has been accepted by Akal Purush, and this task has been allotted to Baba Jaimal Singh." Then Swami Ji Maharaj gave His own turban to Baba Ji as Prashad and ordered Him to go and preach Nam in the Punjab.


The Times of India


KS Dhaliwal, Times News Network

Jalandahar: The dera culture is spreading like poision in the whole of the state, more so in Doaba.

The deras are also virtual vote banks and are patronised by politicians.

The deras in turn patronise intellectuals and get them to write books in their favour. These intellectuals are connected with prominent universities and are never short of money as the deras influence extends into newer and newer spheres.

Political observers feel the deras may soon come to dominate various state institutions to emerge as a parallel authority.

The dera of Baba Piara Singh Bhaniara which shot into the news because of its links with prominent political leaders was only the tip of the iceburg. Almost all the famous Dalit deras, according to sources, have links with politcal parties of all hues.

CONGRESS CHIEF SONIA GANDHI'S VISIT TO THE BEAS DERA A FEW WEEKS BACK SEEMS TO ENDORSE THIS VIEW. The visit was kept a closely guarded secret and not even prominent Congress leaders were allow to go near the dera on that Sunday morning, sources reveal.

Chiranjilal Nar, author of Sangramiya lithas, a history of revolutionaries from the times of the Sikh Gururs till 1947, says "THE DERAS ARE BECOMING BUSINESS CENTRES. Recently a prominent dera near Jalandhar was sold to a Sant from the Majha region. Who knows where he got the money from, but he paid over Rs 50 lakh to buy the dera. It must be a profitable cnetre, otherwise why should he buy it."

Dalit thinkers and leaders are worried by the spread of Dalit deras. LR Balley, author of several books of Dalit conscousness says: 'The socalled Sants running these deras in Doaba are the greatest impediment to the Dalit cause. Moreover they are becoming an obstacle in the way of scientific and rational thought.'

Dalit short story writer, Bhagwant S. Rasoolpuri, says, 'These deras have taken the wind out of the sails of the Dalit movement. In the name of ad-dharamk, a movement started by famous Gaddarite Mangoo Ran Mogowalia, way back in 1925, they are misleading the people into believing in miracles."

Bharpur Singh, member SGPC says: "The dera culture is eroding the Sikh rehad maryada (code of conduct). There was a uniformity in this code that kept the entire community together". Dal Khalsa spokesman Kanwarpal Singh, said" "We condemn the dera culture as it is against the basic Siokh rehat maryada. Most of the deras have come up on public land anre are encroachments. But the government has no influence on them as they want votes"

The website is TimesofIndia.Indiatimes.com/articleshow.asp?.art_id=829898541


Mastana Ji

In November of 2002, The Times of India reported the person in charge of Mastana Ji's ashram killed the editor of a newspaper for reporting on the activites there. Mastana ji was an unathorized successor of Sawan Singh in 1948.



bottom half of the page

From the article:

...Sonia offers her prayers at a dera in Beas


AMRITSAR, NOVEMBER 5: In what is being touted as a major political move prior to the state assembly elections, the All India Congress Committee president, Sonia Gandhi, today visited the Radha Soami headquarters based at Beas, about 30 kms from here.

The dera has always attracted the attention of the political parties at the time of elections. This time around, in a bid to do well in the elections, the Congress took the lead by arranging a visit of the party's national president.

Although political observers confirmed the visit, insiders in the party claim that the visit was an entirely 'private affair'. The observers further say that the visit will have far-reacing political ramifications, especially when a close fight is being predicted.

Sonia Gandhi, accompanied by Moti Lal Vora, in-charge Punjab affairs and party's senior leader, Natwar Singh, landed at the dera's private helipad at 11.30 am, amid high security and flew back to New Delhi at 2.30 pm.

The whole exercise was attempted to be kept a secret and no mediaperson, even the local leaders, leaving aside party MP R.L. Bhatia and state president Capt Amarinder Singh were allowed to meet her. ''This was done at the request of the functionaries of the dera, who did not want to make it a political affair, and wanted to keep it low key,'' state a senior party leader, while talking to The Indian Express.

Highly placed sources in the party revealed that the visit had been arranged by Capt Amarinder Singh after a frenetic three-month long effort, after he had received reports that senior BJP and Shiromani Akali Dal leaders were also trying to make a similar move.

''The party leaders had earlier also sought the blessings of the dera. Indira Gandhi, Narasimha Rao, Pranab Mukherjee and the late Rajesh Pilot had been regular visitors here,'' stated a senior Congress leader.

Capt Amarinder Singh admitted that the visit was being planned for the last many months, however, he denied that the party expected any political gains out of the visit. ''There is no political motive in the visit. Sonia wanted to visit the place, and it was her personal affair,'' he said.

Observers, however, disagree and say that the visit had been planned by the Captain, who is considered close to the present head of the dera Baba Gurinder Singh Dhillon, keeping in mind the coming elections.

''The dera has quite a recognisable following and had always been the attraction for political parties. There could be no denying political overtones of the visit,'' said Jagroop Singh Sekhon, a Reader in the Department of Political Science, Guru Nanak Dev University, here.

Sekhon, who has extensively studied the deras and their political affliations, also confirmed that the dera funtionaries had been supporting candidates in the elections time and again. He said they sit atop a highly composite vote bank.

Sonia, who took a round of the dera, expressed satisfaction over the visit and fully appreciated the discipline and the dedication of the devotees at the dera, said Amarinder. She also inaugurated an annual eye camp, he added.


Internet posted on Satsangis

Does it (RS) manifest better life choices, strenghten healthy relationships, wisdom, kindness, clarity of mind....a host of healthy attributes actualized in ones life ?

Absolutely not from my exposure to hundreds of individuals who have ardently practiced various forms of chasing after inner phenomenon.

posted by CTD


I know satsangis who are terrible...who lie, cheat, steal, who beat their wives, have incestual relationships with their daughters, go to jail for drunk driving, etc, etc. They were all initiated.

posted by Bertha

........ 3 .........

Jaimal leaves no mention at all Sawan Singh is supposed to become his successor. In fact, in early editions of Beas Spiritual Letters it is written, " He ( Jaimal )also said if there is anything to be asked or explained, then Chachaji Ji (Pratap Singh, Swami Ji's brother), should be resorted to ", as he lay dying. Then Jaimal said, "the secret Shabd Currents in the neighborhood of Sach Kand will be revealed by Chachaji." Beas has now deleted this from their books. It ties them directly to the Council and its president, Chachaji. But, Chachaji had excommunicated Jaimal just three days before his death and had chastised Jaimal for pretending to be a Guru.


In Jaimal's last letters to Sawan, we find Sawan appearing a neophyte in sadhana. In With the Three Masters, Beas, 1974, page 200, Sawan, after Jaimal's death, notes his conversation with Chachaji " ..after 28 days argument I persisted in my refusal (to initiate), I was unfit for this duty and some sadhu should be sent from here to initiate. I submitted that I did not possess sufficient power... Therefore, when Baba Jaimal departed from this mortal world, for one year after that I did not initiate anyone.", and also qouted in The Radhasoami Tradition, Dr. David Lane 1992, page 106. RS Tradition book notes once 700 people were initiated by Sawan and only 2 people saw light. First hand experience at time of initiation by Sawan was called rare. So, again, we see no proof Jaimal left Sawan as a successor, but possibly just the opposite. If Jaimal was not a sant as he admitted, how could he leave a successor ? And we will further see Jaimal's relationship with Swami Ji's family and most or all of Swami Ji's highest disciples, was a nightmare. He appears overwhelmingly rejected.


Off the Subject a Moment

xxxxxxxxxx Notes xxxxxxxxxxx

Note : Faqir Chand was endorsed by Sawan Singh as a legitimate Radhasoami master. Kirpal Singh witnessed Sawan bowing at the feet of Faqir's guru Shiv Brat Lal and the later returning the gesture. Not many westerners have heard of Chand.

Faqir Chand informed Sawan he was radically changing Radhasoami teachings to be more truthful with disciples. Sawan gave Faqir his blessing and endorsement in person. Faqir Chand stated in 'The Unknowing Sage'(linked off this site), that modern day Radhasoami masters had no power. He stated Radhasoami masters do not project their radiant forms, nor do they come for the disciple at death. He stated this was deception on the part of masters telling their disciples this to gain a following. Chand stated he did not know where he would even go upon death, nor were the inner planes experienced in a particular order as generally understood. He asked these key questions to Charan, Kirpal, Sawan and his own Guru, whom had asked him to change the teachings. Chand meditated 80 years before he died and considered himself much advanced from these noted. He never met Salig Ram, or Swami Ji, as they came before him. We don't know if what he said can be applied to them.

Chand stated he had asked several Radhasoami masters and they all concured his observations were true. Chand stated a disciple could have a fake master and achieve the goal. Chand even inferred masters could be criminals and it was the disciples own belief that projected the so called radiant form. This is no surprise, being that Sawan was quoted as saying he could not be totally truthful, as he had too large a group. Note: The five names were common long before Swami Ji's day and were used by Tulsi Sahib and Kabir, also. Modern day Radhasoami groups use the classic squatting position covering their ears and eyes and listening to the sound current and viewing light. This classic position was taught from ancient times by kundalini masters. But, kundalini masters use the opposite ear to listen to the sound initially . When it hits center, Radhasoami and classic kundalini match almost exactly beyond that point. The inner planes often match, but sometimes they are called by slightly different names. For instance, Maharajiís (ex kid guru) group, his father was a Sawan initiate, also use the tongue in the roof of the mouth technique to taste nectar.

Yoganandaís group uses same technique as Radhasoami, except as noted above. They also start by moving kundalini up and down the spine to get it going, before listening to sound and seeing light. Some of Yoganandaís successors gave all 7 initiations. Yogananda's group uses an Om stick to brace the arms for light and sound viewing, RS calls the brace a paragon stick. Also, kundalini masters give all important transmutation of sexual energy techniques. Even Kirpal said not to bother meditating without chastity. Hence, Radhasoami followers lack the all important methods of having sex, without losing energy . This may be why women in RS seem to move faster then men in sadhana. The problem with Radhasoami initiation, seems the incomplete nature of the first initiation, given without transmutation advice of a physical nature.. And, sexual energy is key. Another problem, is that the last 6 initiations by kundalini masters of Paramahansa state are not available to Radhasoami people via their gurus. To make matters worse, kundalini has been associated with satanism and dangers such as mental illness. And, in modern days, some Beas associated groups, try to tell people that there is an energy down flow from a higher source and kundalini is raised only after clearing of the nadis. But, concentrating on Tirsa Til is classic kundalini practice for taking energy up and there is absolutely no question Radhasoami in very modern days is kundalini yoga. Viewing the so called radiant form of the master is also classic kundalini of Paramahansa masters. It is absolutely clear that the two major groups of RS now in existence have masters with little to no kundalini ability. They may have absolutely no power at all, not spiritual, nor kundalini. The fact may be, they couldnít sock their way out of a wet paper bag. They simply were not properly trained to be able to admit their yoga is kundalini, because then people would ask the tough questions. Note : This writer has no affiliation with any kundalini people, or groups, and does not recommend.


From Gopi Krishna's book Higher Consciousness (no page references available). Note the references to inner light and sound:

"But it is important to remember that all these visionary experiences with shape, form, place, or time are but the figments of one's own imagination, rendered vivid and realistic by the radiant stream of kundalini. The gods and goddesses, angels and devils, heavens and hells, superhuman and subhuman beings, strange unearthly creatures, astral and mental planes, conditioned by earthly time, space, name, form, or figure, have no real significance, but are merely the creations of the subjects themselves through their active and glowing imagination.

"The higher state of consciousness, despite its enrapturing radiancy and the alluring sounds in the ears, is as void of visions and hallucinatory figments as the consciousness of a healthy, wise, and clear-thinking human being, who calls a spade a spade, and who views everything he comes across in sane perspective and proportion, always ready to distinguish reality from a dream or a hallucination."


Faqir Chand (Sawan endorsed RS Master)says

"So what I have understood about Nam is that it is the true knowledge of the feelings, visions, and images that are seen within. This knowledge is that all the creations of the waking, dreaming and deep sleep modes of consciousness are nothing but samskaras (impressions which are in truth unreal) that are produced by the mind. What to speak about others, even I am not aware of my own Self (in dreams). Who knows what may happen to me at the time of death? I may enter the state of unconsciousness, enter the state of dreams and see railway trains. . . How can I make a claim about my attainment of the Ultimate? The truth is that I know nothing."

"O man, your real helper is your own Self and your own Faith, but you are badly mistaken and believe that somebody from without comes to help you. No Hazrat Mohammed, no Lord Rama, Lord Krishna or any God or goddess or Guru comes from without. This entire game is that of your impressions and suggestions which are ingrained upon your mind through your eyes and ears and of your Faith and Belief." ( From 'The Unknowing Sage' linked off this site )

Back to the history. We know there are no records of Swami Ji, or his wife Radhaji, nor Salig Ram, his successor, ever meeting Jaimal face to face. Beas has to come up with some validation of their lineage to make it credible. So, they choose the two people we do know met both Jaimal and Sawan. Swami Jiís brother, Chachaji, and his youngest son Sudarshan were picked, because they were the most influential. Beas calls both Saints in print. Sudarshan was highly respected during his time and Chachaji was Council president. Beas infers Chachaji and Sudarshan endorsed a separate Beas lineage and that they both accepted Jaimal and Sawan as masters. Beas doesn't directly say this, but this is the impression one gets reading Beas and Kirpal material. The events you are about to read are documented factual history that both Beas and Kirpal were fully aware of when they published history books during the last 50 years. S.D. Maheswari was the greatest RS historian of all time, by light years. Both gurus and historians alike have learned most of what is known of RS history from him. He is universally quoted and all documentation and original historical records are at Agra for viewing to this day. He wrote over 100 RS books during his life, which were initially only published in sets of 1000, so very few people have had access. These events are also confirmed by the best living historian at this time, Professor Dr. Agam Mathur, whom wrote a comprehensive history on Radhasoami Faith and is ranked a world class historian. He was formerly Vice Chancellor at Agra College. Every historian is keenly aware of the events shown on the next page. Other pages follow with court deposition testimony from Sudarshan.


Quote, Ram Chandra ( deceased guru, not RS ), Complete Works, Vol.1 ,p.362.

"Generally people select anyone (guru) for the purpose without regard to his capabilities or worth. They are induced to do so mostly by persuasion or miracles displayed by those so called gurus to attract the ignorant masses. Disciple hunters are not wanting. They are as numerous as leaves on a tree.. For most of them, gurudom is a very profitable job which can secure enormous income which they cannot otherwise earn.

Besides they command the highest personal service from their disciples. The ignorant masses thus fall a ready prey to these self seeking professionals. A petty miracle or ordinary display of something charming is enough to attract hundreds of these silly sheep to their fold of gurudom. A simpple threat of a curse upon one who happens to displease them, may bring thousands to abject submission. Not only this, but in order to ensure monopoly of their profession they declare that none but one belonging to the priveleged class has the right of being a guru. Sannyasins too, you will find these days in multitudes, posing as as mahatmas and professing to be jagat gurus - world teachers.

Is it not a pity to find such professional imposters, who are a shame to the nation and religion, roaming about with complete impunity to cheat and defraud ignorant people, in order to serve their own selfish ends ? It is high time for the masses to open their eyes and see what havoc has been wrought by such persons. The popularly believed principle that a disciple can never break off the sacred conection with his guru under any circumstances, is also a cunning device adopted by those false gurus to make their position safe and secure, and is nothing but fraud. Their only function is to breathe a few mystical words into the ears of the disciple at the time of initiation ... and give them his darshan once a year for realizing annual toll and tribute to him."


Kirpal in Sawan's 1947 will

Complete will shown below

Sawan thought Kirpal would stay at Beas !!!

S. Kirpal Singh - In charge of the accommodation of Satsangi pilgrims to the Dera. Jointly responsible for holding Satsangs (sermons & preachings) and for spiritual literature. S. Jagat Sirigh, Jat of Varaich - In sub charge of all agricultural matters under the direction and control of S. B. Jagat Singh. S. Gopal Singh Latha - In sub charge of the accommodation and comfort of Satsangi pilgrims under the direction and control of S. Kirpal Singh


Tinnitus, or Sound Current ???

Physical causes, or spiritual ?

Low level, broad band sound is used to facilitate tinnitus habituation. It was mentioned previously that 94% of the people placed in a very quiet environment develop temporary tinnitus. Silence actually enhances tinnitus and hyperacusis. Patients are advised to avoid silence and immerse themselves in a low level, emotionally neutral sound environment.

The noises most often associated with Type 1 Tinnitus are a humming or a buzzing sound. The noises most often associated with Type 2 Tinnitus are typically buzzing, hissing, reverberating, echoing or humming in nature.

Tinnitus noises that result from type 3 include clucking or cracking, gurgling or whirring sounds. These noises are often aggravated or relieved by swallowing or blowing the nose since there is often a negative pressure in the ear. From time to time, many people often experience a ringing tone in the affected ear which comes and goes periodically, lasting a few seconds at a time.

The Tinnitus caused by cochlear damage are many and varied and can include sounds of ringing bells, chirping sounds, sounds like cicadas, roaring, hissing and fluttering sounds.

The Tinnitus caused by auditory nerve damage includes high pitched ringing bells, whistling, roaring and buzzing.

The sounds associated with type 6 are usually drumming, pulsating, or a fluttering which is synchronous with the heart.

Type 7. The predominant sounds are ringing, whistling, whizzing, and rushing (as of a waterfall.)

Note: Even rats hear sound current !!! Jastreboff, P.J., Brennan, J.F., Sasaki, C.T. Phantom auditory sensation in rats: An animal model for tinnitus. Behavioral. Neuroscience, 102:811-822, 1988. The main paper describing the principle and the results of our behavioral paradigm for inducing and detecting tinnitus in rats.